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  • 12 fl oz. Hibiscus + Lime (3 ct): For sophisticated palettes we brought together the tartness of natural hibiscus and zestiness of lime for a winning combination that gets you to that good place in style. This ain’t your grandma’s iced tea (although it totally could be, we won’t judge).
  • 12 fl oz. Blackberry + Yuzu (3 ct) It’s pretty obvious we like to do things a bit differently around here. Our most popular flavor combo brings sweetness and citrus together in an unexpected yet perfect pairing, kinda like white chocolate and caviar or ODB & Mariah.
  • WHAT IS KAVA KAVA? All Natural Psychedelic Water features our unique psychedelic blend featuring kava kava extract. Kava kava root has been part of a traditional social experience in the Polynesian islands where it is native for thousands of years, and is still extremely popular there.
  • GOODNESS FOR MIND AND BODY – Psychedelic Water is Non-Alcoholic, has No CBD/THC, is GMO-Free, Vegan, Gluten-Free, and only 25 Calories. We think it is a healthy alternative to alcoholic beverages.
  • MOOD BOOSTING EXPERIENCE – The unique Psychedelic Blend is designed to lift you up and melt away your worries.
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Psychedelic Water on the world, consumers are naturally going to have questions. Questions like “Is this a joke?” Questions like “Does it actually have an effect?” And questions like “If it does have an effect, how is this even legal?”

Suffice to say, it takes a little digging to fully understand what is going on with Psychedelic Water, a product you may have seen making the viral rounds on TikTok recently.

A non-alcoholic herbal beverage made with mood-boosting psychedelic supplements like kava root, damiana leaf, and green tea leaf extract to create a sense of euphoria. Comes in Hibiscus/Lime, Blackberry/Yuzu, and Oolong/Orange Blossom.


“Psychedelic” is a state of mind that fuels creators, mavericks, groundbreakers, risk-takers, and free-thinkers. And the folks at Psychedelic Water are making sure you get a tongue-tingling feeling, creative bliss, and mental clarity in each sip. This is the first drink of its kind, and is a peep into the future as industry leaders create with and destigmatize the practical uses of psychedelics worldwide. Try it yourself; it’s unlike any buzz we’ve had.
As for the “psychedelic” portion, though: After sampling this, I believe there actually is some merit to the brand’s claims. Within 15 to 30 minutes of drinking a full can of Psychedelic Water, I did indeed feel buoyed by a certain sense of wellbeing, and a pleasant tingling I can only really attribute to the drink. Was it much different than the effects of a small amount of cannabis? Not really, but in the moment I found myself impressed that there seemed to be an effect at all. I was fully prepared to report that Psychedelic Water didn’t seem to have any psychoactive effect, but I now genuinely believe that it does. Now, is that effect worth drinking something where you don’t particularly enjoy the flavor? That’s harder to say.

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Oolong + Orange Blossom, Prickly Pear, Hibiscus + Lime, Blackberry + Yuzu