Extracted from a variety of natural flora, STIIIZY’s botanically derived terpenes offer balanced aroma and taste to deliver a consistent experience every time. Our premium quality concentrates uphold a high level of purity, setting the industry standard to influence and inspire through innovative methods.

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Stiiizy near me Testing at approximately 90% THC, these carts deliver the best vaping experience on the market. A patent-pending center post diffuser and maximized air ports ensure long, full hits.

The innovative wickless design features a vertical coil for efficient heating, as well as a one-way anti-leak valve to combat the main sources of cartridge failure. The cartridges contain 500mg THC and come available in all of our seventeen flavors.

They are unique, portable vaporizers that look like a pen. This makes them a bit more elegant than other vape devices . Thereby correspondingly, they are easy to display in plain sight.


Have you ever wondered about the main difference between a vape pen and a portable vaporizer?

Even though vape pens are smaller than other vape devices, they are more powerful than an e-cig.

They are like a pen that you can vape, thus the name and the features. Portable vaporizers, as a broader category, include more robust vape devices. That means they can be significantly larger than a pen-style vaporizer.

A cross between Strawberry Field and Haze. Strawberry Cough brings a thoughtful and energetic high that is perfect for conversation, reading, or working.


Pods are filled with Stiiizy’s handcrafted solvent less distillate. Also the pods include 85%+ THC in each. Pods are currently available in Premium Jack, SFV OG, Pineapple Express, and many more.

Also, Stiiizy Prerolls are comprised of top-shelf flowers. They are then glazed in their premium distillate and coated in kief.

They are unique, portable vaporizers that look like a pen, which makes them a bit more elegant than other vape devices, and correspondingly, they are easy to display in plain sight.

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White Raspberry, Watermelon Z, King Louis XIII, SFV OG, Apple Fritter, Gelato, Pineapple Express, Orange Sunset, Blue Dream, Strawberry Cough